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Long sentence alert!!!
Having been told off recently for not having any Sound Sanctuary tunes up on YouTube, I have decided that seeing as the site (which I remember being on level pegging not so many years ago with a site called VideoBomb, where are they now?) has turned out to be perhaps more than just a 'fad', and further taking into account the number of times I have read over the last year that it is the no. 1 platform for music listening searches these days, I do concede that it is indeed high time for me to slowly but surely begin adding the back catalogue over the coming months. It will be a veritable trickle of retro laid back Sound Sanctuary video (kind of) tunage at the channel below and I shall keep you posted on my progress as I add new stuff. If you fancy a blast from the past or missed any of it the first time round and fancy sharing/commenting as they appear it would be much appreciated. I hope you enjoy!!!

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Sound Sanctuary

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