January 2016

28 January 2016 (Thu 12pm)


Thanks everyone who made it out yesterday to catch our set in Tunbridge Wells. Sorry we didn't all get a chance to chat to everyone who came out specially to see us, but it was very much appreciated I assure you. Next show is Saturday 12th March at Perfetto Wine Bar in Sevenoaks. We'll be playing a nice long set and have got The Ackerleys supporting us so it should be a top night. Stick it in them diarys!

21 January 2016 (Thu 5pm)

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Who's up for this - Sound Sanctuary + The Ackerleys on the same bill in Sevenoaks on a Saturday night in March!

19 January 2016 (Tue 10pm)

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Great practice tonight getting new track 'Thin Air' gig ready!

12 January 2016 (Tue 9pm)

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Sorry folks, there was a bit of a mixup with the date of our Grey Lady gig in a couple of weeks. It is now Wednesday 27th Jan and NOT Thursday 28th as was originally posted. Apologies if that messes up any plans already made.

05 January 2016 (Tue 8pm)

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A few photos courtesy of Zoe Uffindell from the tail end of last year when we last played The Grey Lady.

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