May 2015

24 May 2015 (Sun 4pm)

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Thanks to all who came out to see our set at The Rifleman last night. And thanks to Simon from Rocinia for joining us on the bill.

23 May 2015 (Sat 5pm)

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Rifleman gig tonight, who's coming down? Let's just call it the Unfest fringe fringe

21 May 2015 (Thu 3pm)

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A little taster for this Saturdays gig at the Sevenoaks Rifleman in the form of the latest 'retro' track uploaded to YouTube. We have a solo set from Rocinia on the night too so it's going to be a gooden

13 May 2015 (Wed 9pm)

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We're not big fans of light when we practice, preferring the romantic lone candle vibe

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