October 2014

26 October 2014 (Sun 9am)

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A huge thanks to everyone who came out to watch last nights set at The Rifleman and special thanks to Joe Ackerley for a great support set. Till next time.

25 October 2014 (Sat 9pm)

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We are attempting something progressive for us. Live steam of tonight's gig at The Rifleman. This may or may not work but worth a go - first up the fantastic Joe Ackerley: go to http://ustream.tv/channel/friendly-tribe-live-music

24 October 2014 (Fri 9pm)

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Music and beers - practicing for tomorrow evenings Rifleman set.

10 October 2014 (Fri 12pm)

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Ice cream anyone? This the track (Tu De Che) that got placed on a couple of TV ads in Eastern Europe a few years back for a well known ice cream brand. If featured some pretty cool food landscapes and could be found on YouTube once upon a time, but just had a search and couldn't find it anywhere. Anyway enjoy your Friday and please share if you like the track.


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