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Mp3 transcription utilizing electric programs An honest business would likely makes use of uptodate sophisticated engineering as well as the most up-to-date qualified to change audio tracks to help written text. They're able to handle many sound file platforms like Megapixel, WAV, Dans, and a lot more. Accurate transcripts Qualified transcription agencies would make sure records with good stages of reliability. Their group of transcriptionists might be competent in legal vocabulary along with jargon and have absolutely outstanding being attentive as well as complete capabilities to catch important phrases as well as features.

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To steer more rapidly as well as achieve ahead of additional game enthusiasts on the market, it is essential that one should tactic a larger marketplace. The significant problem which is on the subject of international marketing and advertising will be terminology. However very much an example may be in a position to read derived from one of dialect to another, business enterprise online birth certificate translation 's all together a new ball game.

Blogging queen Linda Ikeji relocates to new office in Lekki

Linda Ikeji in this issue talks about the challenges of running the most successful site in Nigeria, her media empire that is recently launched, controversies trailing her, love life and her dreams now that she's achieved everything she set out to.

Known as one of Nigeria's top bloggers and a self-made girl who sits atop a multi-million Naira business empire, Linda Ikeji when asked about her love life told the magazine, "I desire to be a mum, that’s what I dream about these days".

Additionally speaking on controversies, "If Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry can post images of themselves on their private islands and we're ‘oohing ‘and ‘ahhing’, why not me?"

Linda who recently added another year to her age voiced her desire with these words:

"I turn a year old today, September 19th; and I can't tell you guys how grateful I am for the life I 've. I may not need everything I want yet... but I have more than I believed was even possible and for that I am grateful.

I 'm grateful for my family, friends, all LIB readers, and well wishers.

My prayer as I turn 36 today, will be to locate an incredible man shortly, settle down, have a group of kids and continue to live, impact my world and change lives. Please say a prayer for me! I mean it!

On Monday, September 19, 2016, celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji turned 36 and made a video moaning her shortcomings.

Within marking her 36th birthday, blogger Linda Ikeji made a poignant video where she emphasized the things she's yet to realize. Ikeji said she'd failed to discover a man of her own and start a family despite breaking new grounds in the Nigeria media industry. What ethical lessons can ambitious women and single take away from this website has information for today self-made millionaire who doesn’t seem executed in anyhow because of her dearth of a guy to call her own?

Linda Ikeji Media Is Hiring

Popular blogger, Linda Ikeji is currently expanding her company (Linda Ikeji Media) to comprise Linda Ikeji TV, Linda Ikeji Radio, Linda Ikeji Music and a few other endeavor she chooses to call LIS.

Linda Ikeji Posted below on her blog

Like most of you understand, I’m expanding my company to include something, Radio, Music and TV else …shhh…lol. Read all about it here, if you missed it. I need to hire staff to get the work done.

At Linda Ikeji Media we are looking to hire the following;

Front desk officer/ entertainment, receptionist, TV presenters, editors, producers, content programmers, cameramen /music/crime writers, Radio hosts, sound engineers, HR, Accountant, Administrative staff, customer care, marketers and IT professionals. They even said I might desire a PA…lol.

If you think you can fit in any of these functions and even qualified for them, please send CV to or If you’re shortlisted, we'll phone you for an one-on-one interview.

Linda Ikeji Is Starting Radio Station and A TV Network

Our dearest Aunty Linda has moved on to greater things – she’s decided to expand her business to include other regions asides from blogging.

These are not just 4 new business ventures she has rolled out because by the time, it becomes fully operational, Linda Ikeji Media Ltd might simply function as biggest thing the media and entertainment industry has ever witnessed.

Linda Ikeji has been somewhat of a sensation since she got that N500 million house in Banana Island and individuals started to wonder where she got her money from (because it COULDN’T have been simply blogging, yeah?). We did a statistical evaluation of how she rose to celebrity and the one thing that stood out was consistency. Linda continues to be consistently blogging since 2006, and her blog didn’t pick up till 2011 – that’s of speaking to the desert almost 6 years.

Her consistency made way for actual paper to be coming in. If you believe Linda couldn’t have afforded that house from "merely blogging", think again. A breakdown of how Linda Ikeji makes her millions shows she makes approximately N50 million a month from site takeovers, custom ads, Google ads, banners that are top and sponsored places.

Our Linda has big dreams and visit this site can be merely the start. One of her long term aims is always to have a cable TV station, and so I figure it’s safe to say Linda Ikeji is on her way to becoming a media mogul.

When Linda Ikeji, the popular blogger said she was planning something major recall? Well, she certainly wasn’t mincing words when she said major.

With the 10th anniversary of her blog approaching, the blogger took to her site hours ago to reveal her expansion strategies which comprised Linda Ikeji Music – a music site, Linda Ikeji TV – an online TV, Linda Ikeji Radio – online radio and LIS – a job which is till under wraps.

She also shared images of her new office – which according to her, comprises a music studio and a TV studio.

Linda made the announcement yesterday in a blogpost saying she’s creating 4 new brands – an online TV network (Linda Ikeji TV), an internet radio station (Linda Ikeji Radio), a music site (Linda Ikeji Music), and something called "LIS". All these brands will be under a tremendous Linda Ikeji Media brand.

While I can’t exactly give Linda props for creativity as it pertains to naming her company, I must admit she's flavor (or at least her interior decorator does). After all, have you seen the space she’s assembled to house these brands? It’s quite awesome. She’s got a TV studio, a dressing/make-up room, and a work space – all that’s left is staff and the employees.

She held the on-line media by the scruff of the neck with just a blog and now she seeks total domination on the entirety of the online media space.

Read night she wrote on her site on Monday,;

"Y’all understand chances are that I’m a show off, so get it over! Lol. So I’m convinced by now lots of you've heard or read that I’m eventually expanding my business. Yes, I 'm! Blogging will often be my first love but I’m ultimately prepared take on larger challenges and to expand into other things. To me folks happen to be suggesting for years to do more, be more, gave me different ideas of other things since I wasn’t prepared but I didn’t pay attention. I like to do things at my own time & my own pace. I’m eventually prepared! After nearly 10 years of blogging, I’m prepared for bigger challenges.

The second brand is Linda Ikeji Radio…but not a radio station like many have believed. It’s an online radio (at least for now) and in the office, I built a podcast studio where we can manage…and some of our shows will be aired live.

The 3rd brand is Linda Ikeji Music…it’s a strictly music site for everything music in Nigeria plus I’m also building a state-of-the-art music studio…

Subsequently there’s LIS. Which I hope will be my largest brand yet. Perhaps even larger than LIB. I'll be unveiling that in a week approximately, and your enormous support will be needed by me with this one.

So aside Linda Ikeji Blog, which you incredible readers have helped me grow in the last 10 years, (LIB will be 10 in November 2016), I’m creating four new brands under Linda Ikeji Media Ltd. Continue to see all that plus pictures of my new office..*wink*

The first is Linda Ikeji TV. I’m creating my own online TV Network. And within my new office, a studio was built by us where we can shoot some of our programmes. Reality shows will be included by our TV shows, amusement/sport programmes, health/food programmes, game shows, talks shows even etc…and eventually a series. Some of our programmes will even air on terrestrial TV.

My target is to eventually have my own TV channel on cable but we must create enough content before we venture into that..which is what we will do for the next few months to per year.

Thus, including LIB, I have to manage… Yay! I excited. This really is my dream… this is and I can’t thank God enough for showing kindness to me and giving me so much grace. I favour into your lives. I also need one to believe that the dreams can come true. Only keep working and considering!

Having said that, I will be hiring new hands to help me make these visions a reality and grow bigger.

I’m looking for: a front desk officer/receptionist, TV presenters, editors, producers, cameramen, entertainment/music/crime writers, Radio hosts, sound engineers, HR, Accountant, Administrative staff, customer care, marketers and even drivers as we bought some company vehicles…

But please do not send me emails with your CVs… I most probably won’t read them because of my tight schedule. I shall do another place next here or tomorrow to tell you how you come for an interview with my senior management or can submit your CV.

Thanks guys. Below are photographs of some part of the Linda Ikeji Media office."

Linda Ikeji broke the web with news of her N500m mansion in Banana Island.

Now, Thenetng can confirm the popular blogger is going into a huge new office space located in Lekki Phase 1 (exact location withheld).

A highly placed source tells Thenetng that ‘Linda is going big time. She’s doing Tv, radio and music and a large office building has been got by her . I don’t understand if she bought the building or leased it but its her new office and she’s in there really soon’ moving.

Our reporters found out and investigated further that the blogger who barely goes out has been seen repeatedly at a particular office place in Lekki Phase 1.

Among the security guards on the road where the blogger sees also affirms to our reporters that the former office, ‘oga moved out and the new owner continues to be renovating it but they never move in.

A week ago, ‘#Bosschick, with the caption, she shared a picture of an office space on her Instagram page! #Expect. #SomethingBigIsComing’.

A day after the Authorities confirmed that the #SaveMayowa initiative is as legit as legit can be, popular blogger, Linda Ikeji has come out to apologize for coming out with the story implying it was an elaborate scam by Mayowa Ahmed’s family to extort cash from unsuspecting donors.

Seeming remorseful, Ikeji posted the apology on her blog saying: "My error, I think, was possessing the narrative, I probably should have quoted them. And maybe investigated more. My apologies to the household! The post has since been taken down."

She explained how she ended up forming the view that it was a rouse saying, "People who know me well will let you know that the easiest and quickest way to get cash out of me is to tell me and got involved you’re ill. I hate seeing folks that weak. Through the years, I’ve also used my platform to raise money for several sick people, including Mayowa Ahmed and given. Early morning on July 28th, I received a call saying the #SaveMayowa campaign was a scam. That the lady was terminally ill and the family had no intentions of using the cash raised for her health to treat her as they'd no invitation in the hospital in Atlanta, neither did she have a visa.

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Make certain that your The spanish language interpreter company charges depending on the number of words from the origin content material. Make sure you consider rates coming from a number of Spanish interpretation businesses prior to hiring 1. A lot of them give the ultimate offer ahead of time after having a go through the target file. If you do not stick to these rules, then you can wind up paying enormous amount as well as in give back can get more time paragraphs useless degrading the quality of the prospective textual content. Obtain personal references or even samples, as this is imperative that you ensure the good quality.

Any time Speaking spanish explorers found Latin America, speaking spanish used by earlier residents evolved into a distinctive language associated with Spanish having its individual flavor and elegance. This specific brand new vernacular regarding The spanish language betrothed the eu and To the south National civilizations to get precisely what is generally referred to as South National The spanish language. Latina American The spanish language has become spoken across Brazilian throughout places including Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile along with Ecuador with each and every nation once more having its very own distinct subtleties and also dialects.

Our company offers you experts in technological translations regarding spoken languages, for example, English, Spanish language all around many other people. We all promise that this linguists we are working with tend to be professional and also do his or her career specifically. Many of us ensure the perform they are doing, in relation to the fact that we elect to work simply with the top. You'll find more than Three hundred million folks the world, that talk Speaking spanish as his or her first vocabulary along with around 300 million folks, that converse The spanish language for their next terminology.

Think about, in case you are venturing out in to the Spanishspeaking inhabitants along with to offer your products, you must supply solutions in a manner that actually reaches folks and also at once, and also makes a specialist should be used. Professional translation services are usually critical for supply a very skilled perform presented target the culture in the location. Translations throughout The spanish language as well as helpproperties and different multinational firms employ professional services to help create a global influence.

Mud Pumping During Foundation Repair

Mud Pumping is the process of filling voids under concrete slab foundations, patios, pool decks, and driveways. There are several similar terms used to describe similar processes. Mud Pumping, mudjacking, slab jacking, concrete pumping, and pressure grouting all refer to similar but different processes.

Mudjacking and slab jacking are essentially the same process of pumping concrete or a concrete/mud mixture into voids underneath a concrete slab in an effort to raise the slab. Usually this works with smaller slabs such as driveways and patios. It is far more difficult and complex to raise a concrete slab foundation and the entire attached commercial building or home with this method. Concrete pumping is a similar process but it may use a high or low strength concrete. Mud pumping and pressure grouting refer to a process of simply filling voids underneath a concrete slab foundation without trying to raise the foundation or structure. This will give the foundation the support it needs between itself and the ground. Usually the commercial or home foundation will have been raised, stabilized and leveled by a repair contractor prior to the mud pumping or pressure grouting.

When there has been an imbalance in the moisture in expansive soils then the concrete slab foundations that rest on top of the soil will experience movement. The movement can be lateral, upward or downward. One example could be a group of shrubs or large trees on one side of a home that is absorbing large amounts of water around and under a portion of the foundation. The expansive soil in this area will shrink relative to the soil in other areas under the foundation because it will have a lower water content. When the soil shrinks too much it will lose contact with the foundation and the foundation has lost its support in that area. If the area is too large then the weight of the building structure and foundation will cause the foundation to crack and "fall." That series of events will cause structural damage to the commercial building or home and may necessitate the need for home foundation repair or commercial foundation repair.

Many times after the leveling process has been completed for a home foundation or commercial building foundation there will exist voids under the foundation. A concrete on slab foundation was never designed to be a "bridge" and support weight between two support points. This type of foundation was designed to rest on the soil underneath and the soil provides the ultimate support for the foundation and the attached building or home. Therefore the repair contractor should fill these larger voids so that the concrete slab foundation can "rest" on the ground.

Regardless of the reason for the void under the home foundation, mud pumping should be used to fill any large voids with a low strength cement or a slurry of mud and cement. If interior bell bottom piers were installed then they provide easy access to the area of the void. Sometimes one inch holes will be drilled through the slab to allow access to the area of the void. Then the slurry will be pumped under pressure into the voids. At this time all of the water faucets in the home or the commercial building should be turned on to keep a stream of water flowing through the sewer lines. Toilets should be flushed periodically and the washing machine should wash some clothes. This will prevent the slurry from clogging any sewer line that may have a crack or break prior to or during the leveling process.

After the mud pumping process has been completed and the slurry has hardened the work crew will pack the remaining openings in the interior portion of the foundation with a select fill dirt. The openings will then be covered with a layer of plastic sheeting to help prevent moisture from seeping into that area. The area will then be patched with new concrete. The patched area will be smoothed and allowed to dry for a number of days. Outside piers will be packed with sand and/or topsoil. The commercial or home foundation repair job is now complete and the property owner can feel comfortable that this solution will last the life of the property structure.

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Surrounding Your Flowers With Garden Gravel

For a wonderful selection of garden gravel you may need to visit a gravel pit or specialty stone outlet for your needs. Of course, your local home and garden centers may have just what you are looking for. After all, it is simply crushed rock.

You will be able to design walkways and various other areas of colors on the ground. You will find white bright marble, for example, for a very formal look. Or you might use a calmer beige or gray granite. Granite comes in pink, as well, with black flecks. You can find many different choices for your needs.

Red and black volcanic rock is widely used in Nevada and California. And it is cheaper than marble or some other gravels. You should shop at different outlets, and perhaps even on line to check out price differences.

Gravel is crushed rock, whereas pebbles are smoother. Both can be used to crush out weeds, and if you use a weed block cloth or black plastic, and cover it with the gravel or pebbles, or other rock, the weeds will suffocate and will not grow back. This will leave your gravel design in tact, without weeds growing through them.

Gravel is also used in dry landscaping, and a lot in desert landscaping. Also, in Zen gardening, the gravel is raked into patterns to depict waves or rippling like water. They are truly works of art.

When ordering, you may be able to save a lot of money, and even order at wholesale prices for truckloads. This is if you need much of the gravel for the space you wish to cover. So, whether it is for an entire front yard, or just around the roses, garden gravel can really beautify the space you have to work with.

If you have any concerns pertaining to in which and how to use Landscape gravel los angeles -,, you can speak to us at the web-page.

easy video editing

Nevertheless, there will almost always be qualified pointers to follow, folks will as if you additional if they notice who you are. It will as well collection you actually besides rivals, consequently screen feeling of sense of humor or perhaps profess your passion for your ex, a sports group or even a terrific leisure activity such as fishing. Ensure that your market is going to be responsive in order to video promotion when you unveiling your marketing campaign. In case your normal people are not very likely to implement Dailymotion and also reveal video tutorials for internet sites, you should probably target different marketing methods.

The best video spokesperson performing signifies you have associated with enjoying that will slender distance consistantly improves use of your video spokesperson. Even so the added benefits never finish at this time there. Once your video spokesperson provides seized the audiences attention it will become a successful method of sharing details using the viewer in a very brief length of time, in addition to presenting the website a reliable benefit, and ultimately drawing in customers.

It's ideal if the hyperlink is found inside participant, yet will work while in the outline when it is really not an alternative. This can make sure that the weblink continues to be from the video if your video become distributed and also included some other place.Your content must be engaging. It has to be compelling andor newsworthy. Boring training videos will always don't succeed. Interest ones readers fascination. Uninteresting tv ads will likely not do this. Building the video tutorials interesting is a fantastic way to increase website traffic.

Because the authentic task in almost any website is to purchase the customer to be able to awaken using their searchandbounce stupor, folks who suffer star spokesperson might be the quintessential secret weapon. The utilization of Survive Webpage video spokesperson leads to a common 35 reduction in inflatable bounce pace through the webpage, a new 60 surge in take a look at span as well as Fifty increase in the sheer numbers of internet pages visited. Not surprisingly these outcomes depend upon your believability as well as covert strengthen in the screenplay as well as celebrity expertise.

website for video

An internet video animation production program is the greatest strategy to give the promotion training video together with assurance viewability will be consistent regardless of the gadget it really is viewed with. The achievements it marketing strategy has to be reviewed as well as assessed. Measurements are necessary for your sort of marketing plan, plus social video marketing is no diverse. Important aspects to check include performs, time period considered, person involvement, visitors methods, along with geographical position.

These types of generation businesses generate high quality business video clips for less money. The world wide web is often a free of charge medium sized along with organization companies don't have to invest large numbers to buy mass media room ever again. For this reason, you will find a winwin predicament made for each of them, if your videos 're going virus-like in the backgroundVideos serve as one of the better methods of focusing on prospective customers through showing ones meaning in an compelling method.

short film, marketing, company online video media or perhaps a training video. Only professionals can cause outstanding corporate and business video clip, advertising and marketing video clips, training video, exterior broadcast, website video tutorials plus conference video clips as per the shopper need and characteristics of economic. Speech good quality manages a serious role within the training video. Any kind of blunder or deficit of trustworthiness baskets the eye earned inside people, despite superior online video.

You also have to control the project yourself which will take up your current energy and also options. By using a studio room, you'll liaise right because of their company who will handle the many how to go about handling this illustrators, computer animators and also publishers. It will dramatically limit the moment that you have to devote handling folks in addition to regain loads of your time and energy, along with removing each of the strain Another of working with an animated business is basically that you acquire more power over the particular imaginative method.

Using Leaves As Mulch

Using leaves as mulch is not a new idea by any means. Farmers and gardeners have been using leaves as mulch for quite some time now. There are many types of organic mulch and inorganic mulch on the market nowadays. While purchasing mulch for gardening and landscaping is quite easy, purchasing mulch for these needs can become quite expensive. Using leaves as mulch in gardens and landscaping beds can prove to be inexpensive and quite beneficial for these purposes. With the right tools and equipment, leaf mulch is a great alternative to purchasing mulch for whatever outdoor project requires mulch.

Leaf mulch is organic mulch used in vegetable garden, around plants, and occasionally landscaping beds and playscape areas. Rather than disposing of leaves in the trash, a person can shred them or compost them and use them in there landscape. Leaves should not be thoroughly decomposed when using them as mulch. Mulch is to be used as a weed suppressor, and a barrier between soil and the heat, cold, and wind. Mulch lies on top of soil to serve as this barrier and is exposed to the elements. If leaves are thoroughly decomposed, they are not serving as effective mulch for your plants. Decomposed leaves should not be used as mulch. Leaves ready to use as mulch should simply be shredded and placed on top of the soil desired for mulching.

People tend to confuse leaf compost and leaf mulch. Decomposed leaves should be used in the soil around the roots to promote growth. Shredded leaves should be placed on top of the soil as mulch for planting needs. Bins can be used to store both the composted leaves and the leaves intended to be sued for mulch. The bin used to hold the leaf mulch simply serves as a temporary holding tank. If the leaves are left there too long they will begin to decompose, defeating the purpose of using these leaves as mulch. If leaves begin to decompose, the mulch will be ineffective in suppressing weed growth. Lying composted leaves as mulch atop soil will promote weed growth, actually.

After determining the difference between decomposed leaves and leaves used as mulch, using whole or shredded leaves becomes a question to many. Whole leaves can be used around large plants, trees, and shrubs. The large leaf mulch will smother weeds and will improve the soil. Simply scatter some dirt over top of the leaf mulch to keep it in place. Large leaves used like this as mulch take over a year to break down, which has great benefits. Shredded leaves also work as great mulch. The leaves can be shredded by running over the leaves with a lawn mower or by using a shredder. Shredded leaf mulch prevents erosion and also insulates soil. In order to prevent diseases from growing underneath the soil the area to be mulched should be cleaned up at the end of the growing season and a frost should have formed before the mulch is laid.

There are many benefits to choosing to use leaf mulch in mulch beds and gardening beds. Mulch can be pricey, as previously stated. Leaves fall from your trees and those are free. If choosing to shred leaves before using them as mulch, a shredder needs to be rented or purchased. Purchasing cubic feet of mulch runs pretty expensive, so in comparison, you will probably save money over the years. Preparing leaf mulch on your own in highly beneficial to gardens and their plants. It is a safer alternative to grass clipping mulch. Grass clipping mulch may contain insecticides, which can be harmful to the plants beneath the mulched area.

Should you have virtually any issues with regards to exactly where along with how to use Cost Of Mulch Delivery Near Me, it is possible to call us from our website.

Latest Nigerian Breaking News Update

Latest News in Nigeria: Expert says way out of downturn, agricultural export

Mr Offon Udoffia, an export expert, on Friday, stressed the need for increased processing and storage of agricultural products for export as one of Nigeria’s way from the present downturn.

Udoffia said this within an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja as he proposed moves that may be taken to pull the economy from depression.

He included that "40 per cent of our harvests are squandered due to the insufficient export value chain; we need to process more for export.

He said that an aggressive promotion of agricultural value chain wouldn't only restore economic buoyancy but create job opportunities.

"We must think of means of keeping our agricultural products so as to prevent wastage.’’

Udoffia, who's the Chairman of Rivers/Bayelsa Shippers Association (RIBASA), said it was time for Nigeria to look inwards for economical initiations and activities for a virile market.

The expert, who is into cashew and palm oil exportation, said more than 500 youths will get occupations, if a 250 metric tonne of cashew nuts factory is created in Nigeria.

He noted the siting of cashew nuts and pawpaw processing companies for exports wouldn't only create wealth, but employment opportunities for the teeming youths in the country.

" will obtain employment.’’ If, nevertheless, we establish a 500 metric tonne of the cashew nuts factory, certainly over 1,000

But he reiterated the need for renewed export value addition to avert wastage.

NAGAFF hails Customs’ N95.7bn sales in August

The National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) on Friday commended the Nigeria Customs Service (NSC) for creating a record sales of N95.7 billion in August.

He advocated the sales collecting service to do all it could to improve the figure in the interest of the economy and described the figure, the maximum in a decade, as an effort.

"This is a huge feat. We commend the Customs with this accomplishment and we're encouraging them to keep up the tempo and even improve to help the economy in these recession times.

"In just as much as the Customs are being congratulated by us on this, we enjoin them to go about their operations with a human face.

"They ensure that their company was conducted in ways the interests of stakeholders are not hurt and should check the activities of the bad eggs.

We wish them well within their efforts to improve revenue and commend the Customs for the feat, " he said.

The NAGAFF's National Publicity Secretary, Mr Stanley Ezenga, gave the commendation within an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) in Lagos.

Ezenga described NAGAFF as a major stakeholder in the marine industry and called for a much better business relationship between freight forwarders and the Customs.

Murray Bruce backs FG’s strategy to concession airports

Sen. Ben Murray-Bruce, Chairman, Senate Committee on Privatisation, on Friday backed the plan of the Federal Government to concession the four major airports in the state.

Murray-Bruce also said his committee was prepared to facilitate whatever laws were required to fast track the procedure.

He spoke at a Stakeholders’ Seminar on Privatisation/Concession of Nigerian Airports.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the authorities had indicated interest to concession the Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt Airports, towards increasing their capability and efficacy.

The senator said: The most successful and greatest airports and all the countries with thriving aviation businesses are countries that have privatised their aviation industry and their airports "As I speak to you personally now.

My committee is prepared to facilitate whatever laws are required to track the privatisation of our airports.

"we're also determined to ensure that Nigeria’s privatisation laws have irrevocable and irreversibility clause, in order that no new government can simply come in and revoke what the previous government did with the strike of a pen."

According to him, Nigeria cannot make progress if the privatisation exercise is in danger every time there is change of authorities.

He said that international and local investors must be made to have assurance in the system.

"It's my job and the job of the Senate Privatisation Committee to ensure Nigeria has great, practical and workable laws for the progress of her national economic interests.

"We are committed to this endeavor in addition to to supervision obligations for the reason for ensuring that what needs to be done ends up being done," Murray-Bruce said.

The lawmaker also urged the authorities to find an urgent solution to the challenges in the aviation industry.

"The alarming rate where airlines are either failing or leaving Nigeria must be halted.

Company will suffer, the economy will not improve, If folks cannot transfer from point A to point B quickly, and the downturn will last longer. This really is an emergency!

I urge the authorities to take firm actions to save our aviation industry; help them reduce their taxes.

"Government officials should patronise national airlines rather than foreign airlines. Help them secure insurance.

"But above all, we must do something to intervene before we have no choice than to drive from spot to place."

Additionally talking, Dr Harold Demuren, former Director General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) urged good corporate governance, transparency and reduction of government interference in the actions of the aviation industry agencies.

Demuren said that though concessioning of the airports was a development that was good, the failure of authorities to honour previous concession agreements had led to unending court cases in the sector.

"My advice is that authorities must review all present dilemmas before getting into another concession arrangement with investors that are new and litigations which arose from preceding concessions," he said.

Nevertheless, Capt. Noggie Meggison, Chairman, Airline Operators of Nigeria and Capt. Dele Ore, a former President of the Aviation Round Table, said concessioning of the airports was the greatest move by the government.

According to them, this increases the operational efficiency and profitability of the airports, stimulate growth in the non-oil sector and make Nigeria more appealing as a regional hub.

Earlier in his welcome address, Mr Michael Chikeka, Checkin Nigeria, Chief Executive Officer, said the convention was organised to debate on the current issues affecting proffer options and the aviation industry on the way forward.

Restructuring to nurture economic growth, says Nigerian aviation minister Rotimi Amaechi

Mr Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation, said on Friday that the Government embarked on "restructuring various parastatal agencies to cultivate an economy that's responsible, transparent and robust ’’.

"The FG in its attempts to creating an economy that is vibrant and sustainable and in line with best international practices, embarked on repositioning and restructuring various parastatals including the NPA and NIMASA.

Amaechi made the statement at the inauguration of the governing boards of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) in Abuja.

"NIMASA has two broad mandates — to encourage the development of indigenous commercial sending capability in international and coastal shipping trade.

"And, to also regulate and promote maritime maritime labour and safety, security, marine pollution.

"Your responsibilities as governing board members include setting operational administrative policies in accordance with government policy directives aimed at assisting the bureau.

"To attain its mandate, your assignment will also demand formulation of comprehensive policies targeted at attaining the set goals of the agency,’’ the minister declared.

Amaechi, nevertheless, encouraged the board of NIMASA to ensure that the cabotage fund was completely utilised for the correct purpose and the fund correctly accounted for.

The minister said that the boards were responsible for establishing operational administrative policies in accordance with government’s policy directives, targeted at helping NPA and NIMASA to achieve their mandates.

He said that they were charged with responsibilities of executing the mandate of the authority to assemble, develop ports, docks, harbours, piers, wharves, canals, water courses, jetties, revetment and embankment.

Mr Emmanuel Adesoye, the Chairman of the NPA board, commended President Muhammadu Buhari for granting the board members the privilege to serve the state.

"Indeed, the role of NPA in increase and the industrialisation of Nigeria’s market particularly at Please visit this site period of economic recession cannot be overemphasised.

When it truly is realised the maritime sector is one of the most significant revenue earners after the oil sector ", it behoves on our board to develop definite policies,’’ he said.

He said that the target of the board members was to ensure the NPA was elevated to a higher pedestal that would make it the heart of maritime company in both the west and central African sub-region.

Adesoye said the board and the management of the ministry of transport would be collaborating to ensure swift passage.

Also talking, the Chairman of the NIMASA board, Mr Jonathan Garba, said that the board members would work collectively to reach the objectives of setting up NIMASA.

He said that they'd review the operations of other critical issues and Regulatory Agency and the Maritime Security Implementation to actualise the mandate of NIMASA.

Garba said that they'd also work diligently to ensure conformity with extant laws to reach the president’s vision and mandate of liability.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that members of the governing board of NPA and NIMASA were made by President Muhammadu Buhari on Aug. 26.

Other members of the NPA board are Olasupo Shasore, Suleiman Halilu, Constance Mashal, Umar Shu’aibu and Charles Sylvester.

The other members are Idris Abubakar, Mohammed Koko, Sekonte Davis, Hadiza Usman and Uche Okoro.

Members of the NIMASA board are Mohammed Muazu, Bashir Jamoh, Joseph Fashakin, Gambo Ahmed, Asekomhe Kenneth and Adeniyi Osinowo.

Other members are Ebele Obi, S. U. Galadanchi, Nene Dike and Dakuku Peterside.

Federal Government of Nigeria prepared to pay for Chibok Girls’ release

The government would explore the alternative of paying for the release of the Chibok Girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram, special advisor to President Muhammadu Buhari on media and marketing, Femi Adesina told BBC Friday.

If it needed paying the president said,, Nigeria was prepared to pay. He has said that in the public domain that if they needed money, Nigeria could even give money," Adesina said.

The girls were kidnapped from their school in Chibok town, Borno by Boko Haram.

Why was the government willing to pay a ransom for the girls to be released inquired, the presidential spokesman said Buhari was willing to pay the ransom because he desired the girls from captivity at all cost.

"Whatever must be done to get those girls back alive, he was not unwilling to do," Adesina said.

You need to contemplate these girls have already been in captivity for over two years. Their parents have been traumatised, the entire country has been traumatised. The president himself is a daddy. He set himself in the position of the parents of those girls."

Buhari had vowed to rescue the kidnapped women but their families and a movement that's been campaigning for purposeful government action on the rescue of the girls, Bring Back Our Girls, aren't convinced the government was doing enough.

" I 've made a number of remarks on the Chibok girls and it seems that much of it's been politicised," Buhari said during an interview with journalists in Nairobi.

‘What we said is that the authorities which I preside over is prepared to discuss to bonafide leaders of Boko Haram.

If they do not need to talk to us directly, let them decide an internationally recognised Non-Governmental Organisation to convince them that the girls are being held by them and which they desire Nigeria to release.



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